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Faucets, PTC, Shortlinks, Offers, Jobs.

You can earn more Bits with these sites. (Just have to be hardworking and patient)

1. AdBtc Register (King of PTC)

  • HIGH 70 satoshi for 45 sec Paid Click. You can surf ads several times a day. (500 to 1000 sat Daily)
  • Withdrawal 3000 sat to FaucetPay

2. CoinPayu  Register (Amazing PTC and Big Offer Rewards)

  • HIGH 20 satoshi for 20 sec Paid Click. You can surf ads several times a day. (20 to 40 Daily Ads)
  • Doing offers to earn Bitcoin (BIG OFFER REWARDS)
  • Withdrawal 10000 sat to your wallet.

3. Freebitcoin Register

  • Highest paying faucet Freebitcoin, try your lucky now!
  • Claim up to 200 $/BTC every 60 minutes!
  • Betting – HiLo – Lottery – Rewards – interest rates – competitions!
  • Withdrawal 30000 sat to your wallet.

4. Cointiply Register

  • Roll the Faucet, View PTC Ads (many Ads)!
  • Play Games!
  • Watch video: Watch up to 14 video daily!
  • Redeem Promo Code: Download and install CoinTiply android apps to get 500 coins = $0.05, and get Promo code. Following them twitter!
  • Offerwalls, Surveys!
  • Withdrawal 50,000 coins = $5 Bitcoin to your wallet!

5. MoreMoney Register

  • 1 Hour Faucet from 40 sat
  • Shortlinks from 20 sat (Daily: Complete 30 shortlinks - Bonus: 150 sat)
  • 12 satoshi for 10 sec Paid Click
  • Doing offers to earn Bitcoin
  • Withdrawal 8000 sat to FaucetPay.

6. Coinadster Register (Get 50 Sat by code: 50BITSFREE in Redeem coupon)

  • 5 min Faucet from 6 sat (Daily: Faucet every 1 minutes in 6 Hour)
  • Shortlinks from 45 sat
  • 8 satoshi for 10 sec Paid Click
  • Doing offers to earn Bitcon
  • Withdrawal 1000 sat to FaucetPay

7. Fire Faucet Register

  • Surveys, offerwalls, watching videos!
  • Faucet, PTC, Shortlinks, Autoclaim and Tasks rewards!
  • Levels rewards, Daily bonus, Daily Rank Rewards!
  • Withdrawal 10000 sat to FaucetPay, Direct Payments 30000 Shatoshi!

8. Earnsats Register (Get 500 sat bonus)

  • Faucet every 30 minute up to 100000 sat!
  • View PTC Ads, Shortlinks!
  • Doing offerwalls, Surveys!
  • Withdrawal 5000 satoshi to Faucetpay!

9. FaucetCrypto Register

  • Multifaucet, offerwall, shortlinks, PTC!
  • Daily bonus, Level bonus!
  • Instant withdraw to FaucetPay!

Great Bitcoin Faucet List

The First You Must: Register FaucetPay MicroWallet (Minimum Withdraw only 1000 Satoshi)

Registration FaucetPay Payout

1. Clam 6 sat every 2 min, shortlink bonus to 13 sat (instant withdraw)
Click Here to Register
2. Register & confirm your email: Easy to claim 10 sat every 60 minutes, no shortlink (instant payment)
Click Here to Register
3. Claim 25 sat every 20 minutes (instant payment)
Click Here to Register

No Registration FaucetPay Payout

New Faucet: Claim 25 to 1000 sat every 60 minutes (Hurry up)
Click Here to Claim

1. Claim 8 sat every 5 minutes + 8 sat with shortlink (Min Payout: 100 Satoshi)
Click Here to Claim
2. Claim 20 to 202 sat every 4 minutes
Click Here to Claim
3. Claim 15 to 50 sat every 1 minutes
Click Here to Claim
4. Claim 20 sat shortlink bonus every 60 minutes
Click Here to Claim
5. Claim up to 5000 sat every 1440 minutes
Click Here to Claim
6. Shortlink Bonus 25 sat + 2 sat Faucet = 27 Sat every 0 minutes
Click Here to Claim
7. Claim 10 - 50 sat + Shortlink Bonus 10 sat every 60 minutes
Click Here to Claim
8. Claim 30 sat everyday
Click Here to Claim
9. Claim 5 to 50 sat + 5 sat shortlinks every 5 minutes
Click Here to Claim
10. Claim 5 Satoshi Every 5 Minutes (no Shortlink) + 5 satoshi Bonus with Shortlink
Click Here to Claim
11. Claim up to 100 sat every 5 minutes, (no shortlink)
Click Here to Claim
12. Claim 8 sat every 5 minutes, (no shortlink)
Click Here to Claim
13 & 14. Claim 10 to 155 sat every 5 minutes, no shortlink (Good faucet)
13. Click Here to Claim || 14. Click Here to Claim

We have moved to FAUCETPAY.io microwallet.
Create account and link your wallet address to receive your payments.

FaucetPay MicroWallet Crypto

FaucetPay provides an online wallet for when you claim satoshi (and other alt coins) from faucet websites. This way faucets can transfer small amounts of satoshi to you without you losing anything in transaction fees. Once you’ve claimed enough into your FaucetPay wallet, you can then withdraw it to your wallet.


Registration is quick and easy. Click here and Sign Up link to start. Fill in the details to register. You’ll get a confirmation email to the address you used to validate your address. Click the link in that email and you’re all set!

Link Your Wallets

Once you have confirmed your email address you can sign in and add your Bitcoin wallet address. Then you can start earning Bitcoin and alt-coins (Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin) right to your FaucetPay wallet.

When you visit faucet sites that pay to FaucetPay they’ll ask you to enter the Bitcoin address of your FaucetPay account. If your wallet address ever changes you can add your new address to your FaucetPay account.


Once you’ve claimed enough coins to meet the minimum withdrawal amount (1,000 sats for Bitcoin), you can submit a withdrawal request to any of your linked addresses.


FaucetPay is an easy site to use that opens up heaps of Bitcoin and alt-coin faucets for you. They are trusted by both the faucet owners in the crypto-community and by us as we have a confirmed withdrawal payout. We highly recommend their service.

Reflink: http://getfreedoge.com/?r=Your_Address

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